About Lifeport

Lifeport is the innovation network around Arnhem, Nijmegen and Wageningen. It’s where entrepreneurs, educators and governmental authorities are working hard to achieve clean energy, improved healthcare, sustainability, and social Artificial Intelligence, as this network specialises in Health, High Tech, Food and Energy.

How can we move from fossil energy to more sustainable energy sources? From good to better healthcare with high-tech tools? Or from healthcare to prevention through healthy nutrition?
Moreover, three supporting themes are well represented in the area: Artificial Intelligence through the network AIforLife; expertise in sustainability in Lifeport Circular Labs; and support for the labour market with the Lifeport Human Capital Agenda.

We are working towards a better, healthier, and sustainable life – for current and future generations. That’s why we’re called Lifeport!

Lifeport on the map

Lifeport as a mainport

There are a number of regions with the mainport status in The Netherlands. Areas that are recognised by The Hague as ‘economic zones of national importance’ that therefore have access to attention and means from the national government.

When it comes to Food, Health, High Tech, Energy, and the crossovers that lie in between, Lifeport is one such zone, and it has an important function as a hub. That is why Lifeport also deserves the status of mainport. Our ambition is to acquire this status within five years, to generate more attention and means from The Hague. This has a direct impact on the attractiveness of our business climate, on our facilities, research & development, our infrastructure, and it will support the international competitive position of the Netherlands.